Are you loaded? Physiological Load and Health.

From Paul Chek

Are you stressed? Of course you are, you’re alive! The problem is not stress, the problem is your physiological load. Your physiological load is determined by the type and frequency of your stressors relative to your ability to recover from said stressors. Now that we can all admit that we are stressed, let’s break it down a bit.

First we have Eustress and Distress. For our discussion lets say that Eustress is any stressor that has positive benefits. Some examples would be exercise at appropriate levels for your current physiological load. Working hard at your craft and earning more money. Raising children, the list goes on and on. What about Distress? Distress is a stressor that is lacking a positive benefit. Some examples would be finical stress, marital stress, health problems, this list too goes on and on. So, what determines the difference between the two? Your perspective.

Let\’s talk perspective. For a millionaire spending $1000.00 on medical bills is little to no stress, for someone making minimum wage spending $1000.00 is a major stress. For a well conditioned athlete running a mile is no big deal, giving an overweight, untrained individual the same task creates a flood of stress hormones. For some people getting yelled at is a major stressor, for others it is a laughable situation. So, perspective is really the key to managing physiological load…..Come on over to our Patreon page to see the rest of this blog.

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