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The Best Exercise

Great tips for shoulder training. [youtube=] Courtesy of Paul Chek The shoulder is capable of roughly 180 degrees of motion among it\’s three joints (glenohumeral, acromioclavicular, and sternoclavicular).  These three joints work together to achieve this range of motion.  All to often we overstimulate one of the joints and its surrounding musculature to the exclusion of …

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Is there such a thing as low abs?

  [youtube=] Video courtesy of Paul Chek live The fact is that neurologically you do have lower abdominals. Though you can not completely separate upper from lower abdominals you can perform exercise to emphasize each.  The \”lower abdominals\” are largely responsible for pelvic stability both statically and dynamically.  Weak/uncoordinated lower abs can play a major role in back …

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Exercise for Beginners: Intensity vs. Consistency?

I am often asked what is more important for a successful exercise program: intensity or consistency?  First let’s get clear on the definition of each term.  Consistency means the frequency of participation (how often you are doing your program).  Intensity refers to the percentage of work you are doing relative to your maximal effort (if …

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Practice Makes Permanent – Motor Engrams

As a corrective exercise specialist I spend a lot of time assessing how people stand and move, which gives me insight into ones motor engrams.  A motor engram is nothing more than a learned movement or postural pattern.  With repetition these patterns become more deeply engrained regardless if it is beneficial or detrimental to function. I like to refer …

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Going In Feet First

The foot consist of  26 bones (28 if you count the sesamoid bones) and 20 different muscles that attach to the bones of the foot.  When properly functioning, the foot and ankle joint is capable of triplanar movement, easily allowing the body to transfer forces from the earth into coordinated movement patterns and astonishing feats of athletic accomplishment.  When the …

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