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I was very skinny and had no muscle (long and lanky), and thought that muscles meant masculine, and since I had none, I felt less than. It\’s the most exciting thing in the world to see your body change, grow muscle and become beautiful, as it was meant to be. \”Anybody can lift\”, as TJ told me once, \”with or without any athletic ability whatsoever\”. You will hear nothing but positive statements out of TJ\’s mouth. Especially when you tell him you can\’t do it!
I started working out with TJ when I was in my late forties through early fifties, and having lived with HIV infection nearly all my adult life, I wanted to lift to increase muscle mass, fight the effects of wasting and lipodystrophy caused by the HIV or the medications, or both, and of course become the gorgeous hunk all men want to be! In my early fifties, I actually started getting compliments (for the first time ever!) on my body — for being fit, toned, and even ripped!
He\’s a lifestyle of energy, education and a good common sense approach. Use him to the max as your trainer … trust me, he is without parallel.”
Chris DauberHealth Care Worker
Our spiritual, emotional and physical health has always been important to me and my family! This is why we have been clients of Pierce Family Wellness for 11 years! TJ\’s thoughtful and caring commitment to each of us has made a tremendous difference in our lives! He is the best and I highly recommend him!!
Michelle WalkerFlight Attendant
Before joining Pierce Family Wellness, I was comfortable with being occasionally active, but limited by an old shoulder injury. Emotionally however, I was frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t where I could be physically, so I think I avoided activity as a result.  Since starting at Pierce Family Wellness, I have seen my shoulder strength and stability greatly improve, and with it, my desire to be more active. I am no longer content with the complacency of inactivity and injury, and Pierce Family Wellness helps hold me accountable to reaching my goals.
Pierce Family Wellness is unique because they treat each person as an individual. They cater all exercises and goals to the person, rather than having a generic fitness plan for everyone. TJ’s knowledge about the human body is also unique, and it helps to make the workouts to be exactly what your body needs.
Being in school for physical therapy I would say that there are few trainers as knowledgeable and dedicated as TJ Pierce. TJ is unique in that he is never comfortable with not learning. He is constantly challenging himself and engaging in the literature and research so he can provide the best quality of care. As the industry grows, so does Pierce Family Wellness. If you are considering joining, do not hesitate. Pierce Family wellness is the best way to kick start a life of fitness and vitality, and to maintain it for years!
Michelle MarrPhysical Therapist
“Organized, knowledgeable, professional are a few of the many terms I would apply to T.J. He always has a smile and the time to say hello to me when we come across each other’s paths. The diversity of his knowledge of clients will help that client achieve their goals.”
Rob LockeyOwner, Optimize Endurance Services
I came to Pierce Family Wellness looking for relief from debilitating sciatic pain. Within the first month of treatment using the ELDOA™ method, corrective stretches, and manual therapy and following my home program fervently my sciatic pain was gone! I then revived my next program to address my long standing knee pain. I am happy to say that my knee is constantly improving to that point that I golfed 54 holes and took my dog for a 15 mile hike! Most recently I completed a week long hike across Europe. If you are looking to get more out of your life Pierce Family Wellness has the blueprints to get you there.
Karen McMahonComputer Programmer, Retired

Corrective Exercise


Our movement philosophy focuses on identifying your movement restrictions and educating you on the effects of your restrictions. Once identified, we utilize strengthening and stretching to restore and even increase your functional range of motion. When your range of motion has been restored we transition to your skill acquisition. You learn to squat, lunge, bend, twist, push, pull, walk, jog, and sprint efficiently and properly . Then you begin the strengthening or endurance phase to ensure longevity. Once you are flexible, balanced, and strong we increase the complexity of your movement practice. But don\’t just take our word for it-read what others have to say!



Movement and Performance

Balancing your musculoskeletal system leads to improved biomechanics thereby creating more efficient movement while decreasing fatigue and allowing for higher levels of performance. 

Movement and Immunity

Movement of the  musculoskeletal system assist the organs in pumping lymph and blood through your veins and arteries as well as assisting in peristalsis, a major component of digestion and elimination.

Movement and Mood

Movement influences the release of numerous hormones. Not enough movement and you don\’t produce enough \”feel good\” hormones. Too much movement and you produce \”stress hormones.\”

Movement and Injury

A lack of movement throughout the day causes a shortening and weakening of the musculoskeletal system as a whole which greatly increases the likelihood of injury. 


Our practitioners are in high demand. Working with an educated trainer can make all the difference in your world. An educated trainer will have deep understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, and functional movement. This knowledge gives our trainers the ability to adjust movements to accomodate YOUR BODY and YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. Our trainers have an in-depth understanding of movement, and they stay on the cutting edge of movement science with countless hours of continuing education and self-practice, including education and certifications from the CHEK Institute


ELDOA (Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Ostéo Articulaire), or translated in English to, Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching,  is a revolutionary  movement technique created by World renowned Osteopath Dr. Guy VOYER. These exercises are postural self-normalizing techniques designed for widening the space within a chosen joint, such as the vertabrae of the spine. Disc compression existing at any level of the spine can be addressed through a specific ELDOA exercise. At PIERCE FAMILY WELLNESS we are proud to be one of only 93 practitioners world wide to recognize the profound importance of this technique and be certified to bring ELDOA™ to you in order to add years and vitality to you and your active lifestyle!




What does the science say?

Corrective exercise is the safe and valuable method to correct spinal deformities such as kyphosis, scoliosis, and lumbar lordosis. No one is immune to the effects of gravity and force when it comes to everyday life. Corrective exercise can decrease the problems associated with aging and disabilities (Journal of Isfahan Medical School, Volume 27, No. 101). 

Many of our clients have worked with trainers in the past, and often with the same back story: The first 2-3 months tend to go well with most any trainer because something is usually better than nothing. However, once the initial plateau is reached, the regression begins. Participants often end up injured, exhausted, cease to make improvements, or all of the above. We have over 20 years experience to avoid these pitfalls. We invite you to join those who have found a BETTER WAY at PIERCE FAMILY WELLNESS!

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