manage your health

with Essential oils

At Pierce Family Wellness, we are proud to use doTerra essential oils to help our clients cultivate optimum health!

DoTerra pure essential oils revolutionize the way you manage your health. We harness nature’s most powerful elements to enhance the benefits of your healthy lifestyle.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that are obtained through mechanical pressing or distillation to retain their smell, flavor, and beneficial properties. Research shows that these oils demonstrate positive effects on health concerns such as infections, discomfort, mental health, nausea, and premenstrual syndrome.

Why doTerra?

At Pierce Family Wellness we are committed to providing the highest quality products to our clients and their families. When we researched essential oil companies we found that doTerra upholds strict standards for their oils such as:


  • Sustainable and responsible sourcing. 
  • Extensive and thorough testing. 
  • Clear and accessible safety usage information. 
  • Transparency in the testing processes

How do essential oils support my health goals?

Your body was meant to move. Essential oils support greater flexibility, ease of tension, and increased endurance to help you reach and go beyond your goals to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle! Some of our favorite products include:

  • Deep blue rub – This product provides a soothing effect to sore muscles to give ease of movement and reduce recovery time. 
  • Symphony of cells protocol oils – We use these oils in enhance immunity and soothe the body during times of illness. 
  • InTune(R) Oil Focus Blend – This roller stick provides an uplifting scent that brings grounding and focus to hectic days.
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