Drug Dealers, a New Perspective.

I grew up in the 80’s and the D.A.R.E generation. We were told to “Just Say No” to drugs. Unfortunately that education did not warm us of the legal drug dealers. The dealers peddling drugs equally, if not more harsh than the street drugs of cocaine and marijuana. The dealers whom largely escaped any punishment for the death and destruction they caused. But, times are changing. As a society we are starting to recognize the health benefits of many “street” drugs while we learn of the dangers of prescription drugs. If you have been following our Patreon Page, you’d know that there is starting to be a crack down on illicit activities being committed by Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Doctors including bribery, medical journal fraud, iatrogenic injury and price gouging. You would know that Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals “has cheated the federal government out of millions of dollars that should not have been paid, thereby enriching [the company] and subjecting patients to unapproved, unsafe and potentially ineffective uses of H.P. Acthar Gel”. The drug, best known for treating a rare infant seizure disorder, has increased almost 97,000%, from $40 a vial in 2000 to nearly $39,000 today.

It should be abundantly clear by now that the Pharmaceutical Industries number one priority is money, not health. Need more proof?  A federal jury on Thursday found the top executives of Insys Therapeutics, a company that sold a fentanyl-based painkiller, guilty of racketeering charges in a rare criminal prosecution that blamed corporate officials for contributing to the nation’s opioid epidemic.

These are but two example amongst thousands. We are sold drugs we don’t need, drugs that don’t work, drugs that are prescribed off label for conditions they do not help, given false positive blood work and scans leading to damaging inappropriate meds and surgeries.

Your best defense is to be as healthy as possible and save the drugs and surgeries for emergencies only. Getting proper amounts of sunlight and fresh air, eating a nutrient dense whole foods diet, exercising, getting enough sleep and clean water and having deep intra and interpersonal relationships will keep you healthy and out of the sick care system. Pharmaceutical companies can not make you healthy, they can only damage your economic and physiological situation. Doctors can not make you healthy, they can only prescribe drugs they have been sold by the Pharmaceutical companies. Your friends selling supplements on social media can not make you healthy, they are even less qualified than Doctors when it come to preventive health. You and you alone are responsible for your health. Take time to take care of yourself. Take time to research what the health experts tell you (this includes my advice). If you don’t do your home work you have no one to blame but yourself. There is no one to protect you, so protect yourself.

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