Fascia, Telomeres, and DNA.

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As we continue on with our series on fascia (if you haven\’t already, check out our previous blogs on \”What is Fascia\” and \”Fascial Stretching\”. Today we are going to talk about the role of telomeres and how the fascia creates and effects them. Telomeres cap the DNA chromosomes in your cells and protect these chromosomes from damage. As you age, telomeres progressively wear and shorten from repeated cell division, oxidative stress, inflammation, and other metabolic processes, eventually leaving the cell\’s chromosomes unprotected. Your DNA strands become slightly shorter each time a chromosome replicates itself. Telomeres help prevent genes from being lost in this process. But this means that as your chromosomes replicate, your telomeres shorten. While that may not be great news, there is a way to increase telomeres…… Telomerase does this by adding additional telomere sequences to the ends of your chromosomes.

Is there a way to stimulate telomerase though exercise?! If you are a subscriber to our Patreon page you can read the entire blog and learn how to exercise specifically for your telomeres.

In the mean time, as always we like to give you something free and tangible with each blog. In this blog we are going to show you how to improve the fascial fitness, breath better, and take some strain off of your neck. While your contemplating when you are going to join our Patreon page for our in-depth blogs, give this Swiss Ball Abdominal stretch a try!

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