Fascial Stretching, Getting Under Your Skin.

A close up of the T4/T5 ELDOA

Welcome back to our blog series on the fascia. Last week we talked about what constitutes the fascia and included a great video showing you how to stretch your wrist flexors, you can check it out here. Ok, now that you have a general idea of what the fascia is and how to stretch your forearms, lets move on to what actually happens when you stretch your fascia. If you more of a visual learner check out this 2:00 video, strolling under the skin.

Crazy right? The movements in the above video occur every time you move your body! When we stretch our bodies myofascially we are respecting the evolutionary organization of the body. What do I mean by that, I am telling you that the body works optimally when the fascia is pliable and is stretched in patterns that follow not only the lines of fascia of each muscle, but also considers how the fascia links one muscle to the next, as well as how the fascial links into the bones and organs. When all of these factors are considered one can stretch the body in such a way the increases the fluid flow through the fascia as well as reorganizing any aberrations (knots or scar tissue) in the fascial chains. Stretching in this manner goes far beyond increasing flexibility, in fact myofasical stretching and the ELDOA improve your systemic health. How? Because, structure and function are inseparable. For a specific example of how structure and function are interrelated, check out our past blog. If you have \”knots\” in your fascia, you will have compression of the organs. Compress an organ and you alter its function. In fact, check out this study on scoliosis convexity and organ anatomy.

As always, we don\’t like to give out information without giving you something tangible to try it out yourself. Check out our latest video on how to stretch your forearm extensors. Doing the stretches for yourself allows you to develop an understanding beyond your intellect of how your fascia works and helps to to become your own best therapist.

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