Forward Head Posture and Disease.


Ask most any experienced Anatomist, Doctor, or Therapist and they will agree that structure and function are deeply interrelated. As we conclude our social media (see all of our links at the bottom of this blog for more FREE cutting edge information) month of Forward Head Posture FHP, lets take a peak at how the position of your head (structure) affects your ability heal yourself (function). As one develops FHP the head migrates forward of the shoulders due to the pull of some key muscles on the front side of your body, this leads to a change in the structure of the cervical spine, commonly and extension at the C4/C5 junction in your neck. This area is particularly vulnerable as the most anterior (forward) aspect of your neck. As this junction extends it creates a compression of the disk and spinal nerves. Unfortunately for those with FHP the C4/C5 junction is the start of the brachial plexus which gives feeling and feedback from your neck to your fingers. The thyroid glad can also become compressed at the C4/C5 junction, and we must remember that compressing an organ can stimulate or inhibit its function.

This is just one of many examples of how structure and function are not only interrelated, they are completely inseparable. Be sure that your health and wellness program takes this fundamental fact into account to avoid making any structural changes that can and will lead to functional and eventually negative health repercussions. Check out our latest YouTube video featuring the Isometric Wall Lean for FHP Here!

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