(P)rehabilitation Specialists

Will Work For You

At Pierce Family Wellness, our goal is to help you create the life of your dreams! Our ELDOA™ Certified Specialists, CHEK™  Practitioners, Licensed Massage Therapists, Metabolic Typing Advisors, Martial Arts experts, and Registered Yoga Instructors qualify us to take on the most complicated, dysfunctional cases and bring people to their peak genetic potential through the knowledge and implementation of the science behind performance and well being. With virtual and in-person options, we are the gym near you wherever you are! To the degree you are healthy, you are happy!

Corrective Exercise

More than just a workout, our movement philosophy identifies movement restrictions. We then use mobility and stretching drills to restore and even increase freedom of movement.

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Group Classes

Our group fitness classes offer the exclusive ELDOA Method to create space, improve joint mechanics, increase muscle tone, and reduce pressure on spinal discs.

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Manual Therapy

Our approach to manual therapy reduces the impact of bad posture, physical trauma, and repetitive injuries that are a result of daily life to create more

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Our (P)rehabilitationTM Specialists teach you why fitness is an bonus benefit of health. We teach motivated people to connect with fitness! Join the many people that have already enhanced their lives with our system. 




Seeing our clients grow into stronger, healthier individuals is our passion. Seeing our clients lead their family and friends towards a life of health and vitality is a dream come true!

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