#1 Best way to choose exercises.

The right exercises for you.

Are you currently exercising? If so how did you decide what exercise program to follow? Are you ready to start an exercise program? If so, how do you know where to start? How do you decide on a modality that is going to get results without causing short and long term injuries? The solution begins with profiling. We need to look into movement profiles, which means we need to do an assessment. If your current exercise program does not offer an assessment turn and walk away because if you are not assessing, you’re just guessing.

Above all we need to find out what you need to become a better mover. A big piece of the puzzle is Bio Motor Abilities. Bio Motor Abilities are simply your ability to perform a given task and are broken down into: power, agility, coordination, speed, flexibility, endurance, balance, and strength. Based off our genetic profiles and our training history, we are going to be biased towards one or more of these Bio Motor Abilities.

Additionally your needs and your desires are also going to determine which Bio Motor Ability we chose to work on first. It is impossible to improve in more than one Bio Motor Ability at a time. As an example let\’s look at an Olympic lifter. They are not going to spend their time doing running because it is impossible to get stronger , and in this case more powerful, while increase endurance.

Ok, so it\’s not technically impossible, but to the degree you train endurance you lose power and vice versa.  This happens for a few reasons. The first reason being energy system requirements. To move a heavy object quickly requires a large amount of type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers. Type 2 muscle fibers are lost and replaced by type 1 endurance fibers during endurance training.  Another factor is simply time. The more time you spend at something (barring overtraining) the better you will perform any given task. So it is essentially a waste of time to try to get better at both simultaneously. You need to periodize your training to achieve gains in multiple skills and energy systems.


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