Inflammation Nation, what\’s really going on?

Cupping can be a great way to deal with certain types of inflammation.

The word inflammation comes from the Latin inflammare (to set on fire), and is commonly associated with heat, redness, and swelling. However, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)…..\”Defining inflammation according to clinical signs and symptoms has major limitations, as in most cases the cellular processes and signals that underlie the cardinal signs occur at a subclinical level and do not give rise to any heat, redness, swelling, or pain.3 For example, the inflammation of delayed onset muscular soreness may cause tenderness on palpation or mild discomfort,4 but no redness or swelling.\” To further complicate things we also have to consider the benefits of inflammation, prominent German biologist, Neumann, defined inflammation more loosely as a “series of local phenomena developing as the result of primary lesions to the tissues and that tend to restore their health”. (BJSM) As you can clearly see, we need to first define what inflammation is relative to the issue each individual is having……

Cupping is a great way to deal with certain types of inflammation, check out our FREE youtube video below to see how you can do some cupping at home, and check out our Patreon Page for the exclusive in-depth version of this blog and for an additional advanced cupping video for hiatal hernias!


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