All this month on social media we are talking about Kyphosis. You may be wondering what Kyphosis is, well, it is medical terminology for \”too round\”. Kyphosis is most commonly found in the thoracic spine (which is essentially the part of your spine where your ribs connect). On average an adult should have about 35 degrees, anything over that is considered an excessive Kyphosis. So what is the big deal if you have too much curve? For starters, the excessive curve is going to create compression on the pericardium and heart, and you kind of need the heart to work efficiently to help pump blood through your body. Ok, so maybe you can get by with some heart compression. What about your lungs? They are also compressed when your thoracic spine is excessively rounded, not only are you not able to fully expand the lungs, but over time you will lose the ability to exchange CO2 and O2 efficiently leading to respiratory alkalosis amongst other gas exchange problems. Want to avoid this altogether? Check out this free video on our YouTube page:

Maybe the thought of systemic failure of your organs and not being able to breath doesn\’t arouse your interest, what about physical pain? When we maintain an excessively Kyphotic posture we create compression of the intercostal nerves (amounts others) and create trigger points (you may call them knots) in your spinal erector muscles. Theses trigger points can create all sorts of pain including tingling and numbness in the upper limbs (much like the heart problem this posture creates). Another gem created by an excessive Kyphosis is an over recruitment of the secondary respiratory muscles (primary pectoralis minor, scalene, and upper trapezius). This over recruitment leads to a host of breathing problems as well an neck pain and headaches. Convinced yet? Check out this second free video on our YouTube page:

Ok, perhaps you are not fazed by potential organ disease or chronic pain. Perhaps your like me and are a bit vain. Well then let me tell you a bit about the dreaded Dowengers hump aka Buffalo Hump. This is when your body has to lay down extra tissue at the bottom of you neck to try to keep your head from falling off of your excessively rounded Thoracic Spine. Check out our instagram page for some great pictures of the Dowengers Hump. Left unchecked the hump will continue to grow until you can no longer look up, so unless your into staring at the ground all day you may want to address your Kyphosis before it becomes a problem. Surely by now you are ready to take control of your health by addressing your Kyphosis. Check out our complete Kyphosis/Dowengers Hump program here:

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