When I first came to Pierce Family Wellness I was struggling with healing from an ankle surgery due to a lacrosse injury. I was quite frustrated with the physical therapy that I had received. The physical therapist essentially gave me some balance exercises and sent me home. At Pierce Family Wellness I received an in-depth evaluation and individualized treatment program that got me on the field faster than I ever expected. After healing with the help of Pierce Family Wellness we went on to win the state championship in lacrosse. If you are looking to take your athletic ability to the next level while avoid future injuries Pierce Family Wellness is the place for you.
Ben SeidlenAge 17
TJ is a miracle worker. I came to him for a frozen shoulder and pinched nerves in my neck which caused shooting pain down my left arm. I had tried everything I could think of before he was recommended to me. I had tried PT with different people, dry needling, chiropractic adjustments, exercises galore and even PRP (platelet replacement procedure) to help my body try to heal itself. Nothing worked.
I went to see an orthopedic surgeon, who said I probably needed surgery, but that I could continue to try PT if I wanted to avoid being in one of those shoulder braces that would hold my arm at a right angle from my body. Even after the surgery, he said I would need to have PT for 3-4 months. I opted for trying the PT with TJ which the surgeon said would only work 50% of the time.
It took TJ only three months to get me to a 90% range of motion. He gave me very specific exercises and videos to help me get the most out of my workout. I did these diligently at home between my twice weekly sessions. He has taught me many, many things about my body, and has encouraged me to try various alternative techniques on myself, such as cupping, dry needling, and band work. He has helped me help myself!
My shoulder feels awesome, and I am back to tennis and golf.
Now we’re working on my hips, knees and feet. I expect great results in these areas too! TJ is truly a miracle worker!
Cathy StemperAge 58
When I started seeing TJ at Pierce Family wellness my body was not balanced. Since starting my program I have become more balanced and a result of that has been that my back has strengthened.  I have noticed that my upper thoracic and neck alignment is better. I don’t think you could make a better choice than going with TJ.
Tim JohnsonAge 48, Owner Core Power Yoga & Orange Theory Fitness
He did simple diagnostics that quickly showed more than a few fundamental things that were off, that were affecting my entire body. We’re talking discovery in seconds here—not minutes or hours. He told me things no other trainer/therapist could ever articulate and, best of all, he has had a corrective solution for each of the discovered issues. 

The treatment I received at Pierce Family Wellness was better than any bone doctor I’ve encountered in the last couple of years—and I’ve been to Steadman Hawkins for two other injuries—fingers and ankle. I have received the highest level of manual therapy, corrective exercise, and fitness programming imaginable. I highly recommend Pierce Family Wellness to anyone looking to improve their life!
Larry PekasierAge 65
I was in a fairly good place, but needed better direction for my workouts.
I’ve had excellent results. I’m more fit, have better posture and better
flexibility. I’ve also learned a great deal more about nutrition what an
excellent learning experience, plus being LOTS of fun. I think that
everyone will benefit from working the programs. The workouts changes,
this is no opportunity for mental or physical boredom.
Sara BardillAge 60, Voice Coach

Manual Therapy


Manual therapy is the treatment for your chronic or acute holding patterns due to poor posture, trauma, or repetitive use injuries. This treatment uses a specifically directed manual guidance on your body in order to improve mobility in areas such as joints, connective tissues, and muscles, that are restricted. We also integrate essential and hemp oils to amplify your healing process. Manual therapy can positively effect your pathology through the knowledge of the therapist, the lifestyle choices of the patient, and the corrective efforts applied outside the treatment room. At PIERCE FAMILY WELLNESS we provide a holistic approach to your manual therapy needs.  




Some days your body is simply stressed or sluggish. On these days, massage therapy can relieve tension in the body, get rid of headaches, and allow you to get some pep back in your step before doing some quality movement to improve your body!


Some days you just need to relax. On these days, the gentle hands of a skilled massage therapist are warmly accepted. You can expect to leave relaxed AND knowing that the massage was geared, not only toward relaxation, but also toward improved function. You get twice the bang for your buck!

Movement Improvement

It is of the utmost importance to have a practitioner that can work on you WHILE you exercise to improve your movement patterns AND eliminate pain. This allows you to make powerful improvements in real time. It will also save you time because you will be driving all over town from one practitioner to the next . It is like stacking the deck: You can only win, win, win! 

Holistic Approach

Having the expert hands at PIERCE FAMILY WELLNESS taking care of your movement and posture patterns while you receive spine and joint exercises of ELDOA and SOMA Therapy stacks the deck in your favor even more! You will be squatting, bending, twisting, lunging, pushing and pulling like an athlete in no time!

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