TJ Pierce

Owner and Head Therapist

It is my mission to create a community that allows a better future for our planet and our children. A future that values health, family, freedom, growth, and reciprocity through the implementation of the four principles of PIERCE FAMILY WELLNESS: PURPOSE, RECOVERY, NUTRITION, and MOVEMENT. I believe that by developing these characteristics within myself, my amazing staff of trainers, and clients, we can be living examples of health and vitality in order to lift others as we have been lifted.

I have a unique, holistic, and powerful approach to creating a body system that possesses superior, pain-free movement patterns, voluminous vitality, and alluring aesthetics. I have worked with every type of body imaginable. Fusions, herniations, joint replacements, and chronic pain are regular parts of my day-to-day endeavors at our facility. This approach to performance and rehabilitation is a combination of my profound understanding  of anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology with over 20 years of my experience in the field. My tool belt includes the following:


◊ Over 20 years experience

◊ Level 3 CHECK Practitioner

◊ Licensed Massage Therapist 

◊ Certified ELDOA™ Trainer

◊ Metabolic Typing Advisor

◊ Bachelor of Science,  Exercise Science,            University of Nebraska Kearney


Tonya Pierce

Director of Marketing and Exercise Therapist

It is my mission to educate the world about health and fitness in a holistic manner that is applicable in real-life. As a busy, homeschooling mom of two active boys, with a dog, chickens, and a garden I know this can seem a unsurmountable task if one doesn\’t have the tools to make healthy choices easily and regularly. I use my experience and education as an educator to bring you easy and convenient ways to implement the four principles of  PIERCE FAMILY WELLNESS: PURPOSE, RECOVERY, NUTRITION, and MOVEMENT in your everyday, active life. 

I am passionate about creating a community made up of healthy individuals that have the energy and vitality to live each moment in a kind and compassionate manner that makes the world a better place. When people are healthy it is easier to have the extra energy to be their best selves for themselves, their families, and their communities at large. My education background includes:

◊ Registered Yoga Teacher

◊ Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

◊ ELDOA™ Level 2 Certified

◊ Bachelor of Arts, Modern Languages; Spanish, Metropolitan State University of Denver


Brian Saunders

Exercise Therapist

It is my mission to create to independence in life and longevity of movement. In order to be a healthy individual, all areas of wellness must be in focus because health is a by-product of having good fitness. I am ardent about educating clients in all these areas of wellness. My unique experience in working with older populations, autoimmune disorders and neurology has paved the path for me to specialize in corrective and interventional health.

In order to provide the most valuable fitness and health support for you, I incorporate the principles of  PIERCE FAMILY WELLNESS: PURPOSE, RECOVERY, NUTRITION, and MOVEMENT for each client I guide toward health. My education background includes:

◊ ELDOA™ Level 3 Certified

◊ Bachelor of Applied Science,  Public Health and Promotion, University of Minnesota Duluth


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