Posture and Breathing.

Back to motor engrams and respiratory function. The idea is that, as you breathe into the bag the bag traps the carbon dioxide, and you pull the carbon dioxide back into your body.  You may not be having full-fledged panic attacks, but you’re doing a low level of it. You’re stuck in a low level of it when you have Respiratory Alkalosis. The problem with this is that it reduces your cells ability to absorb hemoglobin, because it makes your cellular environment very alkaline. In that, the alkaline environment repels the hemoglobin. So essentially you’re not getting enough oxygen into your muscles and into your organs simply because you’re not able to take a full breath. You’re not able to take a full breath, because you’re stuck in that Upper Cross Syndrome, and you’re stuck in that Upper Cross Syndrome, because of repetitive motion. Upper Cross Syndrome also presents as an inverted breathing pattern (we discussed this n our last blog). The next time your feeling anxious take the time to check in with your breath, I\’ll bet dollars to dimes your breathing at a rapid rate and your diaphragmatic actin is close to zero. Faulty breathing creates anxiety, and when we’re anxious, life’s not fun. We all have moments of anxiety, some more than others. Certainly relative to our situation, relative to our nutrition, things of that nature, but it’s not usually a happy place.  Take control of your posture, take control of your breath, take control of your emotions.

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