Stress and muscle mass.

We left off discussing how constant anxiety decreases joy, and decreases what you’re getting out of your life. Again there are many causes for anxiety, so I’m not trying to say this is the only one, but it is one and it’s a common one. So we really need to start thinking what Motor Engrams are about, and what effect are they are having, to see the big picture. It’s not just about muscle pain, It’s not about having a shoulder replacement surgery, and hip replacement surgery in your 50’s and 60’s. It’s far beyond that. It’s even not just about having disease in the organs, and having anxiety attacks. It’s about enjoying life and to the degree that your Motor Engrams are not helping you, they are decreasing your experience of life. That’s something that you can fix, something that you are responsible for, and should be responsible for. One last note on Respiratory Alkalosis and the breathing disorder: we want to look at how it affects your weight and your body fat measurements. The big part of that, is the degree that you are hyperventilating,to the degree that you are losing CO2 rapidly. You’re creating more stress in your body. We’re creating more adrenaline. We’re creating more cortisol. A long term exposure to stress hormones catabolize so your muscle tissue which in turn decreases your metabolic rate.  A loss of muscle mass also decreases your ability to store glucose as well as decreasing insulin sensitivity. Now your faulty motor engram is a musculo-skeletal issue, it\’s a respiratory issue, and now it\’s a body fat issue.

see you next week…..

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