Profiling, it\’s in your best interest (11)

Our final Bio Motor Ability is strength. Strength is ability to overcome a force regardless of time. Strength training repetitions tend to blur the line between power and endurance training. With strength training we get the neural benefits of power training, but we also get the benefits of endurance, where we increase hypertrophy and muscle recovery. The reps scheme for strength training, is usually between 6-12 repetitions and the load, or the intensity is usually around 70% of your maximum. Rest periods for strength training are 1-3 minutes. Strength training is important to building muscle mass. Muscle mass can then be converted, or utilized in other Bio Motor Abilities. Strength training often incorporates compound movements, though it can be used in an isolated fashion.

I hope oped you have enjoyed the series on Bio Motor Abilities, next week we get into periodization….

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