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If your lacking this next Bio Motor Ability your are setting yourself up for injury. Endurance is the ability to repeat a task consecutively without rest, while maintaining proper technique. Endurance repetitions tend to be 15 or more and they tend to be roughly 30% of your maximum ability. So if you can bench press a 100 pounds. To work endurance, you would use 30 pounds, and you would do it at least 15-20 times. Endurance work tends to lead to hypertrophy of the muscle due to an increase in mitochondria which increases the muscles ability to recover. Endurance work would be a big part of a marathoner’s program. On the opposite end of the physique spectrum, endurance training is also a large part of the body builders program. They tend to do a light weight with high, high reps. Again, because this is what’s going to build hypertrophy. Endurance can also be broken down into short term and long term endurance. Sprinting endurance determines ones ability to sprint 100 meters verses 200meters, verses 400 meters. Long term or aerobic endurance would be 100 mile bike rides, marathons, things of that nature.

Endurance training is essential in any health or performance building program, just be sure not to overdue it. Excessive amounts of endurance activity without proper recovery produces large amounts of stress hormones.  These stress hormones catabolize muscle tissue and can wreak havoc on the thyroid glad. Be sure to keep a log of your waking pulse and heart rate to ensure that your not overdoing the endurance portion of your training.

only three more weeks of Bio Motor Abilities to go….

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