Sunscreen and the FDA.

Once again the FDA is late to the party, and not just fashionably late. I have been digging beyond the accepted narrative when it comes to our health and fitness for the last 20 years doing my best to help you get a broader understanding as to what is really going on.

Today we are going to focus on the misinformation surrounding the sun and our health. As we all hopefully know sunlight helps us produce Vitamin D, Cytochrome oxidase, testosterone, dopamine, and many other beneficial vitamins and hormones. Is there such a thing as too much sun? Of course, the real question is what is the best way to utilize the sun without enduring the harm of sunburns and heat exhaustion.

If you think the answer is sunscreen, think again. According to the FDA 14 ingredients do not qualify for the G.R.A.S.E. list. This means there is either evidence that these ingredients damage health, or there is not enough data to prove their safety. The only ingredient that did make the G.R.A.S.E list were zinc and titanium (the most common ingredients in organic sunscreens). Feel free to check out the full article here.

What can you do? Get plenty of sun exposure to your skin and eyes. When you have hit your personal tolerance for the sun, get in the shade. If shade is not available, cover your skin and eyes. If you can not find shade or cover yourself, find an organic sunscreen that excludes ingredients that soak into the skin.

Another systemic healing methodology we are digging into is NAD+ injections. Stay tuned for a full blog on the subject. For now check out our latest youtube video where Tonya receives and documents the early phases of her NAD+ journey.

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