The Mentality of Being Overweight

\”I think therefore I am\” -Rene Descartes

Have you ever taken the time to ponder what this statement truly means?  If not, don\’t worry Bruce Lipton has the science to break it down for you. Though this quote was made in the 1600\’s it is finally finding it\’s way into scientific validation.  Before your write it off as mere philosophy, or some hippie mumbo-jumbo, you should take a look at who Bruce Lipton is.  Done reading his bio? OK, good, now let take a look at what he found and how it has been affecting you your whole life for better or worse.

Dr. Lipton performed studies in which he removed the DNA from cells.  At the time it was believed that DNA was the master regulator of the cell and without it the cell would immediately die.  What he found was that not only did the cell not die, the cell continued to function normally.  The cell continued to respirate, eat, digest, and move towards anabolic factors and away from catabolic factors, in fact the only thing the cell could not do was replicate.  This brought to light the fact that DNA though vitaly important in the construction and long term survival of the cell via it\’s ability to regenerate the cell, it is far from being in control of the cell.  In, fact the cell is in control of the DNA!  That\’s right, the DNA is triggered by various vibrational frequencies which largely come from your thoughts and their effects on the autonomic nervous system.  Keep in mind that thoughts do not have a monopoly on cellular function as various hormones, vitamins and minerals all have vibrational effects on cellular state.

If we look at the effects of thoughts on the nervous system we will see that thoughts focusing on stressful scenarios both real and imagined will activate the sympathetic branch via an increase in respiratory rate.  This then funnels into a shunting of the blood from the organs to the extremities in a perceived need to fight or flight as well as a major output of catabolic hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.  The sympathetic branch has a catabolic (breaking down) affect on the body.  The longer one focuses on perceived stressors the longer the sympathetic branch stays active leading to massive musculo-skeletal atrophy and lowering the overall metabolism.  Cortisol also inhibits the thyroid gland causing an even larger decrease in metabolism.  It is easy to see that a constant focus on your perceived stessors has a direct effect on your body composition and in turn your self image.  This is a vicious cycle that can lead people to starvation diets/cleanses as well as exercise addiction.  Working harder and eating less is the exact opposite of what a stressed out person (high physiological load) needs.  So if less food and more exercise is not the answer, what is?

Sitting quietly is the answer.  Sitting quietly and listening to your breathing rate is the easiest way to get out of the sympathetic feedback loop and into the parasympathetic branch. The parasympathetic branch is where the body shunts blood into the organs allowing for digestion and assimilation of new tissue (brain tissue, nerve tissue, muscle tissue….you get the idea).  Sitting quietly also leads to changes the brain waves.  These changes allow the mind to work on a subconscious level bringing new insight into previously unsolvable problems.

Dr. Lipton\’s work gives us all a choice as to how we view ourselves.  The idea that we are a prisoner of our genes applies only to a small percentage of the population born with true genetic defects, for the rest of us it is a choice.  Choose your mood, choose your nutrition, choose your life!  I\’ll leave you with a quote from a pretty smart guy that coincides with Dr. Liptons work:

\”Everything is energy and that\’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not a philosophy.  This is physics.\”-Albert Einstein

Train Intelligently!

TJ Pierce

BS Exercise Science


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