The Rule of 5\’s – Making Better Choices!

Today I will share with you a technique for making better decisions. Mrs. Meyers,my high school English teacher, taught to me taught me this priceless technique. It\’s the Rule of 5\’s.  The Rule of 5\’s is simply to look at any decision you are about to make and think about how it will affect you in the future.

First, consider how this decision will affect you 5 seconds in the future. Second, you think 5 minutes into the future. Next, imagine 5 hours into the future. From there, you think about 5 weeks, 5 months, and 5 years into the future.

If we take the time to see how each choice affects us and those around us both short and long term we are make decisions that are more beneficial to achieving our goals. Imagine how this concept would effect you choices around nutrition, exercise, and self-care? Our passion is to educate people on how to use the rule of 5s to make better health choices. Take 5 to think about it.

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Train Intellegently!

TJ Pierce, BS Exercise Science, CHEK 2

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