ELDOA™ Training

What is ELDOA™?

ELDOA™ exercises use the fascial lines to create global tension in the body around a joint to increase space within the joint. The newly created space, reduces pain and pressure on the discs, while improving joint mechanics, blood flow, spinal disc rehydration, posture, and a sense of wellbeing and awareness. 

Certified ELDOA™ Trainers at Pierce Family Wellness will teach you to do the ELDOA™ postures properly and precisely, regardless of your current ability, to achieve the most efficient and effective results.

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How was ELDOA™ developed?

World-renowned French Osteopath, Guy VOYER, DO spent over 35 years mastering the function and harnessing the power of the fascial systems to create specific exercises and manual treatments to normalize the body. VOYER developed the ELDOA™ techniques to treat the spine, accessory joints, pelvis, and cranium.

Why would I use ELDOA™?

The spine is a fundamental structure of our body and the basis of our health and longevity. The complex structure of the spine drives many of our health conditions that cause dysfunctions of the joints, tissues, and nervous system that link the body from head to toe. Structural and postural stress from gravity, poor awareness and movement patterns create long-term imbalances. ELDOA™ addresses these imbalances by normalizing the space, alignment, strength, mobility, and quality of tissue and joints, by moving fluids throughout the body.

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