Massage Therapy


Manual therapy is treatment for your chronic or acute holding patterns due to poor posture, trauma, or repetitive use injuries. At Pierce Family Wellness, we utilize Somatherapy techniques for our massage treatments. Somatherapy consist of 3 primary modalities: Osteo-articular pumping (or Joint pumping), Transverse Tendon and Ligament Stretching (or 2TLS), and Fascial Normalization. Each of these modalities have a specific goal to improve function.


Movement Improvement

Osteo-Articular (joint) Pumping directs the movement of fluid within the joint complex to be more efficient in managing acute inflammation. In a chronically painful and tight joint, osteo-articular pumping moves stagnate fluid to improve mobility and functionality.


Transverse Tendon and Ligament Stretching (2TLS) directly corrects muscle, tendon and/or ligament dysfunction. This technique addresses the structural and sensory functions of muscles tendons and ligaments to normalize tension.

Holistic Approach

Fascial Normalization focuses on the quality of fascial chains. Fascial chains are a traceable continuity of the same tissue throughout a kinetic chain and indirect tissue links that have a significant influence on the function of a chain. This continual process linking and unlinking of free and bound fluid is fundamental for the health of the fasciae and the health of the body as a whole.


Some days you just need to relax. On these days, the gentle hands of a skilled massage therapist are warmly accepted. You can expect to leave relaxed AND knowing that the massage was geared, toward relaxation and improved function. This provides added value for you healthy, active lifestyle!










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