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Our group fitness classes bring you all the benefits of our 20+ years of expertise in a community driven setting to support your health goals. We integrate the ELDOA™ Method, to create space in the joints, as well as many other exercise modalities to build muscle, lose fat, and keep you functioning at your highest level. In order to achieve the active lifestyle of your dreams we guide you through building muscle, creating, and maintaining muscle flexibility. You never have to worry about missing a class with our on-demand library.

 We also offer in-depth workshops to give you thorough knowledge and practice of our movement therapies. We are available whether you are looking for in-person instruction or a virtual class experience wherever your active lifestyle takes you!

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Why Fitness Classes?

Motivation and Performance

Studies show that when we exercise in a community like a fitness class we work harder, more consistently, and have a more positive outlook on exercise. These components together mean you are more likely to achieve your fitness goals and maintain them for life. 

Confidence and Mental Health

A 2017 study found that people that participated in group fitness classes experienced better mental health, cognitive function, and felt more confident about exercise. We have seen this benefits in action in our group classes, so try a risk-free class today! 

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