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Far to often we are satisfied with the summary of information. Not a day goes by that I don\’t hear \”I read a study that……\”. To which my response is always the same: who conducted the study? Who funded the study? What oppositional view studies were excluded? What was the methodology of the study? And of course, did you read the entire study?  The fact of the matter is that studies are subject to corruption and error.  The next time you come across a study, take the time to read it in its entirety (especially the funding) otherwise it\’s simply conjecture.  For example, Time magazine recently declared that dietary fat is healthy (something I\’ve been proclaiming for years), which is in direct opposition to studies they quoted years ago that dietary fat causes disease.  Another overlooked factor is metabolic individuality,  meaning that what works for one person may not work for another. Some people do great with dairy, for others it\’s poison. Ones genetic make up, current climate, and current stressors largely determine the effects food and exercise have on the body. A study is often times just another form of advertising, make sure that you investigate before following recommendations that may not apply to you.


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