How can Pierce Family Wellness help with performance?

After years of personal training elite level athletes and weekend warriors we find that once you experience a significant and consistent reduction of pain you are ready to improve your performance to go out and do the things you love! Performance enhancement with our personal trainers includes building strength, flexibility, and endurance through a variety of precise and complex functional movements.


How long do should I expect the process to take?

This portion of our system is built upon our initial 12 week program and is focused on an 6 month timeframe after pain reduction is achieved. Similar to our pain reduction portion of our fitness and wellness system, this is a general estimate, since we take into account your daily activity level, future goals, and past health history to keep you pain free while improving performance. Click here to get started now!

Once you have improved performance we move into the longevity development stage of our system. Click here to learn more about our performance level system.

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