Practice Makes Permanent – Motor Engrams

\"Posture\"As a corrective exercise specialist I spend a lot of time assessing how people stand and move, which gives me insight into ones motor engrams.  A motor engram is nothing more than a learned movement or postural pattern.  With repetition these patterns become more deeply engrained regardless if it is beneficial or detrimental to function. I like to refer to motor engrams as movement/postural habits.  For instance, if you sit with \”slumped\” posture 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it only takes a matter of weeks before your body will adopt that posture as \”sitting\”.  The opposite also holds true that if you sit with \”erect\’\’ posture for the same time periods your body will adopt that posture as \”sitting\”  Remember that practice does not make perfect, but it does make permanent.  Like most things in life your habits will dictate your health and thus your happiness.  So if you find yourself with constant tight and achy muscles/joints take a look at your posture both sitting and standing.  While many factors go into your posture (breathing patterns, nutrition, sleep, attitude, etc..) gaining awareness that there is a problem is the first step towards a solution.  If you fall into this category I suggest you set a timer on your watch or phone for every ten minutes.  When the timer goes off check to see what muscles feel tight and change your posture to a position that gives you relief, hold that position for 90 seconds then slowly come back to a \”neutral\” position.  Do this every waking hour for 2-3 weeks and watch your postural engram change right before your eyes. 

Train Intelligently!

T.J. Pierce
BS Exercise Science
CHEK Practitioner 2

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