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Responsibility of Balance

In the US we have endless opportunities for what we can do with our lives. Career choices are  only limited by one\’s imagination and desire. We are the captains of our own ships and continuously shaping our own realities. This opportunity comes with a great deal of responsibility, and we are responsible for what we create beginning with our choices.

Each day we choose how to spend our time and each of these decisions has an effect on our physiology. If you work too much, your immune system weakens and you get sick. Work too little, and you can\’t afford the lifestyle you desire, you get stressed and once again your immune system is suppressed and you get sick.  If you put junk foods in your body your immune system becomes suppressed and you get sick.  The examples are endless, and all have the same results.  So we must find a balance to live a life that fulfills our desires, yet leaves us with the energy to enjoy them.

Universal key for balance

We find balance by developing and executing a plan, and our plan should be based on what you want for your life. Otherwise, you will inevitably end up in sabotaged because it is not your creation.  Everyone\’s plan will be as different as our fingerprints, and yet it should contain at least one commonality: meditation. Meditation is whatever you want it to be: quite time, nap time, fishing, or walking. It is whatever gets you to a place that you are alone, quiet, and can breath deeply. 

This time activates your parasympathetic nervous system which allows you to digest food and build new tissue. Additionally, it frees you from the noise of everyday life that distracts you from hearing your inner voice.  TV distracts you, the internet distracts you, the radio, books, or anything that is outside of you will distract you from creating your plan.  So if you find yourself suffering from a lack motivation, you succumb to illness, or you are just not happy with where you are at in life, then give yourself 10 minutes a day free of distractions.  You will soon find yourself more focused and rested so that you can pursue the life you were born to live.

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Train Intelligently! 

T.J. Pierce
BS Exercise Science
CHEK Practitioner 2

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