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Great tips for shoulder training.


Courtesy of Paul Chek

The shoulder is capable of roughly 180 degrees of motion among it\’s three joints (glenohumeral, acromioclavicular, and sternoclavicular).  These three joints work together to achieve this range of motion.  All to often we overstimulate one of the joints and its surrounding musculature to the exclusion of others. This is often due to repetitive motions both static and dynamic.  Whether you are throwing a football or sitting at a desk you are susceptible to repetitive motion injury. This can lead to imbalances amongst the muscles crossing the shoulder joint which in turn leads to a loss of the optimal instantaneous axis of rotation (OIAR).  The loss of OIAR leads to excessive strain on the joints, joint capsules, and ligaments of the shoulder girdle which eventually become neck and or back problems.  This type of dysfunction is common and can often be treated by corrective exercise and/or manual therapies like MAT (muscle activation technique).  Train safely and intelligently!

TJ Pierce

BS Exercise Science


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