Myofascial Stretching for Inflammation.


Last weeks blog discussed different ideas as to what inflammation is, if you read it you will recall the definitions are broad and the effects both beneficial and detrimental depending on causation.  Today we are going to focus on myofascial stretching as a way to help with inflammation. Myofascial stretching is a methodology of stretching that incorporates the entire fascial chain while targeting a specific area. Check out our FREE YouTube video on the Swissball Psoas stretch and check out the advanced version of the exercise on our Patreon page.

When done correctly, engaging a myofascial chain can help to reorganize the fascia within the muscle as well as around it. This reorganization creates better fluid flow which increase nutrition to the muscles while removing waste products. We chose the Psoas as it is one of the most common sources inflammation. Why? Well, there are numerous reasons. Come visit our Patreon page to finish the blog and learn why we chose the Psoas, it\’s important!

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