Amazing Agility Training.

All about Agility Training.

Today we continue on with defining and understanding Bio Motor Abilities. Let’s take a look!  Agility is one’s ability to control your limbs in space and time, in any given environment. Some examples of agility would be, jumping rope, avoiding tackles in football or rugby, and footwork in the martial arts skills. Agility is a way of sharpening our nervous system, or making our nervous system more reactive to the environment. Common agility drills would be cone training, footwork ladder training, technique work, boxing pad work, and speed bag work. Agility training is largely performed by doing drills.

A drill needs to be crisp, they need to be perfect. To the degree that you experience fatigue during a drill, you’re actually losing agility. Agility, though it\’s own ability, is heavily reliant on mobility/flexibility. If you lack the ability to move any joint through its full range of motion in any plane of motion, you will lack the ability to obtain agility. This occurs due to neural-muscular inhibition. Say you require the agility to duck a punch, but you lack the flexibility/mobility in your knees to flex (bend). You see the punch, your brain sends a signal to your knees to bend, your knees do not respond due to lack of mobility and Boom! Lights out because you lacked the agility to control your body in space and time.

Next at week we look at agility\’s best friend, coordination…..

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