A real pain in the….tooth! Dentistry and Physiological Load.

If you’ve ever had tooth pain you know how quickly it can elevate you stress levels. From dealing with the pain, to not being able to eat normally to the financial stressors of paying for dental work, dental needs are a major factor in managing your physiological load. Knowing that the teeth contain nerves, lymph, and vascular properties they are also part of the immune system. If your immune system is overwhelmed you get sick, if it is overwhelmed too long you get a disease.

About a year and a half ago I went in for a routine cleaning at my dentist, the same dentist I had been seeing for over 10 years, a personal friend, an all around great guy that I have and would recommend to anyone looking for dental care. I tend to go in once every 18 months for my check ups. The hygienist told me that she would have to use a more powerful cleaning tool since it had been “so long” since my last check up. She had also stated that I would likely have a little soreness the next day. Later that same day I had a major toothache, shooting pains, throbbing, to the point that I could not chew anything on the right side of my mouth. After a couple weeks the pain was not improving I called my Dentist. He had me come back in for free and took a look. He said my bite was off and filed the tooth down. Still no relief. Another 8 weeks went by and still no relief. I went back again and he referred me to an Orthodontist. The Orthodontist was also fantastic. He took additional X-rays and could not see anything wrong with the tooth or the nerve. He was conservative and offered me antibiotics to start. I did not want to take them as I think antibiotics should be saved for emergencies to maintain effectiveness and not spur on the superbug antibiotic resistant bacterial strains that we are helping to evolve with antibiotic overuse in our bodies and food supply. The next step with the Orthodontist was an exploratory root canal. If you don’t know a root canal is the process of removing all of the blood and lymphatic vessels along with the nerve of the tooth, sterilizing and sealing it off. Having had a root canal over a decade ago I was not convinced that it was the best option.

I asked the Orthodontist what his opinion was on trying to heal it nutritionally. He said he did not think it would help, but his best friend was an Acupuncturist and kept his mind open to alternative treatments. We agreed that I would try to heal it myself nutritionally over the next 8 weeks. I started reading a few books and investigating online. I started taking some trace minerals which seemed to help a bit. Then I started swishing with coconut oil for 10-20 minutes twice a day. Within a week the pain was greatly reduced, within a month I was pain free.

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