Muscles and motor Engrams

As we carry a higher degree of muscle mass, relative to body fat, we’re helping increase our bone density. Which again greatly reduces our chances of fracture, especially later in life when it can be a bit more detrimental than when we’re young. Maintaining higher levels of lean muscle mass, relative to body fat makes us much more efficient movers. We can move heavier objects. We can move ourselves faster. We can climb better. We can get over obstacles more efficiently. Again in navigating day to day life, these are important things. The more muscle tissue that you keep on your body, relative to fat, the more athletic you’re going to be. The more you’re going to be able to utilize your body. This is yet another reason why Motor Engrams are so important, they determine how we move. They determine what muscles are going to fire, how much they’re going to fire, when they’re going to fire. That in turn affects joint mechanics (muscles pull on the bones) determining the amount of wear on the joints. The more efficient that we move, the less soft tissue and bone on bone degeneration we will have within our joints. The better we function the less susceptible we are, not only to short term injuries, like falls, sprains, strains, things of that nature, but also to long term degeneration.  We often tend to picture hip, knee, and shoulder joints when we discuss joint dysfunction, but the smaller joints of the body are just as susceptible.  TMJ dysfunction is a direct byproduct of ones Movement engrams. We all speak in a unique way. Our speech engrams rely on how we utilize our tongues, jaws, and diaphragms. To the degree that one experiences Upper Cross Syndrome your likely to experience some TMJ dysfunction due to imbalances in the musculature connecting the jaw to the scapula, spine, and clavicles.

more next week on anatomy and motor engrams

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