Practice makes Permanent (7)

If you\’ve been following along you know should be developing an understanding of what motor engrams are and how they dictate your health.  Let\’s focus a bit more on those trying to loose body fat and are struggling, you need to look at your breathing. And if you need to look at your breathing, you need to look at your posture, and to look at your posture, you need to look at your Motor Engrams.

Now that we’ve covered why it’s important that we move properly. Let’s dig a little deeper and talk about when we move properly, what exercise can do for us. And a big, big one, is that it can help us increase lean muscle tissue which is highly active metabolically speaking. It has a high metabolic demand, which helps us burn calories at rest. Maintaining a large amount of muscle mass, relative to body fat also helps increase insulin sensitivity. So it’s going to greatly reduce our chances of acquiring, or falling ill to diabetes.

Let’s talk a bit of anatomy. Common knowledge tends to separate muscles from tendons, but n reality tendons are just a slightly different blend of minerals relative to muscles, one can not find a point where a muscle ends and a tendon begins. Muscles interdigitate that is, they blend together.  As a muscle blends into a tendon, tendons blend into bones. The tendon fibers that blend into the bone are known as Sharpey Fibers. Sharpey Fibers actually insert into the bone, and it’s this pulling of these Sharpey Fibers that help with bone density (via Wolfe\’s law that we discussed earlier).

more on anatomy and motor engrams next week….

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