Abdominal Fascia, a deeply layered subject.


Hi campers and welcome back to the blog, all this month we have been talking about fascia. Today we are going to talk about a specific layer of fascia, Camper\’s fascia. Don\’t worry we will keep it superficial for this blog post. Campers fascia is one of the abdominal fascia layers, it has attachments from the bottom of your sternum expanding out into your ribs that parallel your sternum. From there it heads down into your pelvis where it joins another fascia layer and invest into your testicles for males and your mons pubis for females. This fascia provides insulation and separates your muscles from your skin. The campers fascia serves several more vital functions, you can learn them all, as well as an advanced version of the Campers Fascia Swiss Ball stretch on our Patreon Page.

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